Updated Shop Protocols
These are procedures and protocols for appointments. Please be patient. These are new to all of us.

We are by appointment only. Same-day appointments may be possible based on artist availability. Please call the shop to inquire.
When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please call the shop or wait at the door. Our receptionist will allow one person to enter at a time. You will be instructed on sanitation protocols once you enter.  To promote social distancing our staff will only be allowing one person to enter at a time.
Once paperwork is completed, you will be escorted to the artist’s work station.
Personal items must be stored in provided storage containers, which will be sanitized between clients. We ask that you bring only essential items to your appointment.
Once your appointment is completed, you will be escorted to the front counter to pay. We ask the client to exit the shop in a quick and safe manner.

COVID-19 Procedures and Protocols – Updated Shop Protocol

A mask must be worn inside the shop at all times. One will be provided for you, at a small fee, should you arrive for your appointment without one.
Please arrive to your appointment alone. No guests will be permitted into the shop. Guardians will be permitted, as required.
Food will not be permitted in the shop. We ask that you eat prior to your scheduled appointment.  You may bring a drink in a re-sealable bottle.
Sanitation stations will be available at the entrance, as well as at each of the artist’s work stations.
A screening questionnaire will need to be completed before admittance to the shop.  If a questionnaire is not completed it will result in the appointment being rescheduled.
We recommend that all clients pay by debit or credit.

Barrie Lucky Devil

Barrie Location

Barrie Lucky Devil

Newmarket Location

barrie locationLucky Devil...

has been THE place to go in Simcoe for tattoos and piercings for over 15 years. With shops in Barrie and Newmarket, we have the area covered! We are a very clean, very safe and professional establishment, Health Board approved and ready to give you the best experience possible. Our artists are the finest around and we are always getting new talent. Check out some of their work on the Artist’s page.

What to know:

 For tattoos, we take walk-ins as well as book appointments so come on down and talk to one of our staff to see how we can get you your ink. Please, no phone calls to try and book an appointment. As we require deposits for all tattoo work. Consultations are free, so bring any ideas you have down to our shop and have a look at our artists’ portfolios, only then can you book time.

If you are searching for ideas there are many resources you can go to such as the library, internet sites and tattoo magazines. Our artists are excellent at bringing your ideas to skin

We have age limits for all work done on our premises so make sure you bring your photo ID with you.

Acceptable ID: Drivers License, Health Card, Passport, Military ID or Liquor Control Board photo ID.

FOR TATTOOS: 18 (16 with parental consent)

FOR PIERCINGS: Contact each shop for details